Autonomous vehicles are the future of the auto industry and surely will become mainstream within the next decade. I believe this technology has many things to offer including safety, productivity, and a completly different world with an array of inventions stemming from the autonomous car. Not having to worry about accidents and damage to another drivers vehicle will make the world much more stress free, itll also help with insurance costs and costs to repairing vehicles will decrease heavily. Im really looking forward to being able to send my vehicle to pick up my children, or finish a side project while being driven to work. these are all dreams that in the near future will be realities.

Many people are completely on the self driving train, while others are more scepticle of the idea of having a robot/ computer driving them around and not having full control of their vehicle. Although i understand where peoples concerns are coming from, these vehicles will actually decrease accidents on the road by a significant amount most accidents on the road occur from a few different aspects including exaustion, novice drivers, and honest mistakes autnmous vehicles wouldnt have those issues and inturn would decrease the accident rate dramatically.

In summation, autonmous vehicles are very good for the future and something to open with willing arms. They will have drawbacks but the good far out-ways the bad in every aspect. Some will definitely be against it but once they see what this technology can do for the world everyone will be on the self driving car train in no time.